Parents & Friends

About P'n'F

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Encounter has an amazing Parents & Friends Committee who not only successfully raise a large amount of funds for our College, but provide assistance at key events ensuring that our community is presented with a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. This group also provides friendship and sense-of-belonging to the families of Encounter.

In 2016 P'n'F donated the following funds to a myriad of projects enabling our students to have access to a rich variety of resources:

Nature Playground - $10,000.00
Etching Press – Art Room - $3754.00
Middle School Maths Kit - $233.00
Watoto Choir - $150.00
Touch Typing Mats - $360.00
Literacy Kits - $2563.00
Kondole Kitchen revamp - $314.00
Outdoor furniture for Middle & Senior School - $2700.00
Pura tap for Kondole Kitchen - $250.00

Please find attached the 2017 College Business Directory which has been produced by our P&F. Hard copies are also available from the Front Office.

We hope that you find the Directory useful when you are in need of goods or services that are provided by those businesses within our community that have chosen to support this fundraiser.

If you would like more information regarding our P'n'F please contact the College

Parents & Friends - Financial Assistance for National Level Competitions or Events

The Encounter Parents & Friends  have introduced a scheme whereby families can apply for assistance when a student is competing at a National level.

Please find attached the Guidelines for Applications and Assessment Criteria and the relevant Application Form.