Our Vision

To be a connected community where innovative teaching inspires action and where God’s love is shared and celebrated.



College Values

Encounter Lutheran College strives to be Student Centred, Spirit Sensitive and Community Oriented.

Student Centred, by creating an environment where students have a passion to explore and analyse their world and take positive action in their community as lifelong learners.

Spirit Sensitive, by encouraging students to express their spirituality through asking questions and being willing to engage with the work of the Holy Spirit and the gift of God’s grace through Jesus Christ.

Community Oriented, by authentically connecting with and serving each other, in our local and global communities.

College Actions

Encounter Lutheran College strives to act

With a heart:
by caring for the social, emotional and spiritual well-being of students and staff, so that each individual can be connected, at peace and be their best.

With creativity:
by exposing students to opportunities and experiences that engage their sense of innovation and personal expression.

With a story:
by celebrating our personal identity as it relates to our local, Australian, global and Lutheran heritage and history.