Here at Encounter Lutheran College, we believe that children grow and learn best whilst engaging with nature. Therefore, we’re very excited to introduce our Bush Kindy program for preschool children living on the South Coast. This is a wonderful opportunity for our school to welcome new and existing families to connect and engage through nature-based learning on our bush block.

At Encounter, we believe that exploration and play within natural environments promotes the health and wellbeing of children. Children who engage with nature can explore, create, imagine, collaborate, persist, negotiate and show care and empathy to others and the environment. Bush Kindy provides opportunities for children to grow and connect with others, whilst developing communication and self-management skills as well as building resilience and confidence. This preschool program provides the perfect opportunity to support your child’s transition to Early Learning and school at Encounter.

Children get to experience our special piece of nature in all seasons, to build and explore their identity in our beautiful environment on our block of 69 acres. They have the opportunity to share stories, use natural materials and have the chance to be creative and interact with each other. Each week, we begin with a welcome under the big tree. Each week iss structured around a story book and includes exploration, sensory experiences, physical challenges, nature crafts, along with time for unstructured play.

We will include simple bushcraft activities such as cubby building, simple flora and fauna identification and lots of songs and stories. We are very excited about you joining us for our Bush Kindy sessions and look forward to meeting your children.

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