Catalyst (for inspiration and action)
Research (to enlighten and entertain)
Enrichment (for independent and inquiring learners)
Scope (to reach communities beyond Encounter)
Transformation (of perspective and pathways) of the learner

CREST is where the courageous connect.

Given what is already becoming the changing nature of the workplace for our children and the broader challenges we face as a society, Encounter is creating a Forum where perspectives, pathways and innovation are at the forefront of our thinking and action.

An exciting and unique initiative instigated by the staff of Encounter, for the students of Encounter, Crest seeks to engage all members of our own College, in addition to community and industry leaders.

It is our desire for Encounter to offer more than simply delivering the curriculum. We want to change their hearts, minds and futures and we believe Crest is the answer.

With a heart for critical and creative thinking, dialogue, service and enterprise skills, and a desire to transform the perspective and future pathways of our students, CREST will challenge and inspire the way we view education and learning.

Encounter’s Facebook page is the best way to gain a glimpse of the inspiration, direction and action of CREST. With videos, key documents, research, courageous statements and probing questions all in an online ‘one-stop shop’, insightful posts hope to capture the essence of CREST and engage our audience.

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