“Getting Dirty, with Zoe and Indi”,  is a podcast about soil. This podcast was written by two school girls who are passionate about, yep, soil! As a part of exhibition, we had to do an action and we decided to record a podcast. Doing a podcast is a great way to spread the word about soil and educate others why it is important! In this podcast you will learn about the importance of soil and how it effects us and the world around us. You will also learn the 2 priorities for soil use, as well as some tips on how you can take action today to improve soil health in your own backyard. Use this podcast as a fun, and interesting way to begin learning about what’s right under your feet, SOIL!
If you are wondering how you can take action on this issue there are three things you can do to take action,
They are:
1 use organic fertiliser on soil
2 make sure that you have soil that worms like to live in 
3make sure you inform others