Recently our Year 6 cohort went through a culminating, collaborative experience known as ‘Exhibition’. This experience occurs each year in your child’s final year of primary schooling. The Exhibition asks students to explore, document, and share their understanding of an issue or opportunity of personal significance.

Students inquired into such issues and opportunities as gender equality, bullying, pollution, climate change and nuclear waste.

Through their ‘inquiry’ into their issue or opportunity, the students also:

  • engage in an in-depth, collaborative inquiry
  • demonstrate agency and responsibility for their learning
  • demonstrate attributes of the IB learner profile
  • explore a variety of perspectives
  • synthesize and apply their learning to real-world contexts
  • unite the learning community
  • reflect on their PYP education
  • celebrate their transition to the next stages of their education.

In addition to these opportunities, students also need to take action about their chosen issue which could be played out in the following ways:

  • Participation – Being actively involved in the learning community and showing commitment to contributing as individuals and as members of a group.
  • Advocacy – Taking action individually or collectively to publicly support positive social, environmental, or political change.
  • Social Justice – Taking action for positive change relating to human rights, equality, and equity. Being concerned with the advantages and disadvantages within society, and with social well-being and justice for all.
  • Social Entrepreneurship – Supporting positive social change through responding to the needs of local, national, and global communities; applying prior knowledge and skills to indentify and address challenges and opportunities in innovative, resourceful, and sustainable ways.
  • Lifestyle Choices – Making positive lifestyle changes in response to learning.

The Year 6 cohort did an amazing job of their Exhibition and it was fantastic to share the event with significant guests from our local and wider community.  A big thanks to the students and their families, our Year 6 teachers and mentors and our PYP Coordinator for bringing such an important event in our College to life.  We feel confident that our students are now ready to begin their preparation for their transition into Middle School and will continue to thrive in their learning.