Junior School

Encounter’s Junior School is a caring, busy, engaging and fun learning environment. Teaching staff work collaboratively across year levels to ensure that students have opportunities to explore the curriculum in innovative and meaningful ways. Excursions, incursions, guest speakers, focus days and local tours all add to the classroom experiences of the students.

Our caring staff work closely with children to ensure they grow academically, socially, emotionally and spiritually in a safe environment. We work closely in conjunction with parents and carers to create opportunities for open and constructive communication. Our staff know that student well-being is essential for effective learning and, as such, we incorporate programs designed to support the development of emotional and social intelligence.

The Australian Curriculum informs all teaching content which is enhanced and deepened by the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program framework. Encouraging students to be deep thinkers, inquirers and open- minded to the ideas and perspective of others is nurtured in each year level.

Being part of our Junior School is more than what you see or do, it’s about how you feel: valued, encouraged, supported and a sense of belonging.

IT in the Junior School

Digital technologies is an important aspect of learning and sharing in our Junior school. From Early learning to Year 2, students have access to class sets of ipads along with specific skills and capabilities learning as part of their Digital Technology lessons. Explicit teaching ensures all children learn how to safely and effectively utilise a variety of apps and tools on the ipads. Our aim is to encourage creativity within the framework of their integrated learning opportunities.

From Year 3 – 6 students are introduced to laptops to develop the skills needed for researching and presenting using a variety of software.  Students have access to laptops and mini-ipads for individual, group and paired classroom tasks.

Inclusive Education

The Encounter Lutheran College ‘Inclusive Education’ team aims to meet the unique learning needs of those students who require individualised education programs. They may have specific learning disabilities, temporary or long standing problems with certain subjects. Adaptive Education staff function as the conduit between teachers and home; curriculum, teaching strategies, assessment procedures, reporting and timetable structures can be adjusted to suit the individual’s needs.

Students can access;

  • In class 1:1 or small group support
  • Assistive technology and programs
  • Withdrawal support, on a needs basis, which includes students being involved in literacy, numeracy and social enrichment focus classes.

Students with additional or specific needs are provided for on an ‘as advised or recommended’ basis. Our teachers and support team are trained to meet the needs of students and work closely with a range of para-professionals in implementing speech, fine and gross motor skills, behaviour, social and learning intervention and support programs.
Close monitoring of student progress while maintaining an open and positive relationship with parents and carers is our priority.

Outdoor Education

Camps are compulsory and form an essential part of the curriculum, providing alternative venues and environments that enable students the opportunities to develop educationally and socially.

Our Junior School Camp Program is as follows:

Year 2 – Narnu Farm Hindmarsh Island
Year 3 – Nunyara Conference Centre Belair
Year 4 – Woodhouse Activity Centre Piccadilly
Year 5 – El Shaddai Wellington SA
Year 6 – Kangaroo Island