Middle School

Encounter’s Middle School staff are passionate about, and explicitly trained, to support early adolescents as they move through the Middle Years – a time where they are embracing new challenges – our teachers walk beside them, helping them to make sense of the world around them.

Our Middle School teaching and curriculum is based on the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (MYP), an international program, that provides a scope for students to explore the curriculum through a World-view lens, that is appropriate for their age group and maturity in the context of academic rigour. Our College allows for individualised programs, within a niche environment, as our limited optimum class sizes allow for individualised instruction. Specific classes allow for student acceleration, enrichment and also learning support in areas of interest and need.

Most importantly, Encounter walks beside your child as they develop their values and their personal sense of self. The purpose of Middle School is not just to prepare students for the challenges of Senior School, but to enable them to engage as global citizens, appreciating diversity and ready to make their way into the World as confident and informed citizens.

Our curriculum offers balance, rigor and opportunities to our students from Year 7-9. It provides a relevant and structured transition between the Junior and Senior years, with support and guidance as students develop their values and sense of self.

Each students is a unique and cherished gift from God. Our goal is to ensure that each student’s potential, abilities and aspirations are nurtured through Encounter’s Middle School.

All students study core subjects, with subject choices to align with their interests, talents and abilities as they move towards the Senior years.


Please view our Middle School Curriculum Guide and the subjects we offer our students in Years 7, 8 & 9 as part of our  IB Middle Years Program.



The curriculum in the Middle Years should be broadly based, with a breadth and balance of subjects.

  • Whilst the subjects are important and separate entities, the links between them should be emphasised in both interdisciplinary units and through the Areas of Interaction.
  • It is just as important for students to learn techniques of learning as it is for them to learn content and concepts.
  • Students will be encouraged to become independent learners throughout the MYP.
  • Teachers of the MYP must adhere to the principles of the programme, and are trained through regular participation in IB professional development sessions.
  • The international approach of the curriculum is emphasised to students – both within the content of the subjects and through co-curricular activities such as visits, exchanges, correspondence and other activities.

As an authorised school for the International Baccalaureate (IB), we offer the following subject disciplines, which are taught utilising central ideas across the curriculum. Statements of Inquiry drive
the teaching and learning, and the Australian Curriculum (ACARA) guides the content.

The areas of learning are:

  • Language and Literature (English)
  • Science
  • Individuals and Societies (History and Geography)
  • Religious Education (Christian Studies)
  • Arts (Dance, Drama, Music and Art)
  • Design (Wood Technology, Digital Technology & Food Technology)
  • Mathematics
  • Language Acquisition (Japanese)
  • Health and Physical Education


The Encounter Lutheran College ‘Inclusive Education’ team aims to meet the unique learning needs of those students who require individualised education programs. They may have specific learning disabilities, temporary or long standing problems with certain subjects. Adaptive Education staff function as the conduit between teachers and home; curriculum, teaching strategies, assessment procedures, reporting and timetable structures can be adjusted to suit the individual’s needs.

Students can access;

  • In class 1:1 or small group support
  • Assistive technology and programs
  • Maths/Science/English Help (lunchtimes) and Homework Club (after school)
  • Touch Type Read Spell (TTRS)
  • GPS Café (innovative, hands on, literacy, numeracy and social skill development)
  • Withdrawal support, on a needs basis, which includes students being involved in literacy, numeracy and social enrichment focus classes.

Students with additional or specific needs are provided for on an ‘as advised or recommended’ basis. Our teachers and support team are trained to meet the needs of students and work closely with a range of para-professionals in implementing speech, fine and gross motor skills, behaviour, social and learning intervention and support programs.

Close monitoring of student progress while maintaining an open and positive relationship with parents and carers is our priority.


A rigorous and exciting Outdoor Education Program is offered to students in the Middle School as follows:

Year 7 – Robe “Connect”                                  Term 1 Week 5

Year 8 – Melbourne “Explore”                           Term 2 Week 3

Year 9 – Heysen 100 Survivor “Courageous”   Term 4 Week 1