Senior School

Recent studies undertaken by the Foundation for Young Australians suggest that the graduates of 2017 will have approximately 17 different jobs, working in 5 different industries in their work life. The critical question we need to ask ourselves is ‘how are we preparing our young people for a global labour market that is constantly shifting’?

I am confident that the Australian Curriculum, the International Baccalaureate Program and SACE, along with the explicit teaching of skills critical to employment in the 21st century, are being taught here at Encounter. These will provide our graduates with the skills and capabilities to navigate this increasingly unsteady and shifting work world.

We cannot be complacent in assuming that we are preparing our students for one job. It is crucial to provide them with both Enterprise Skills (see below) for future employability, and the resilience to navigate their way in an increasingly complex labor market.
Individualised pathways are a hallmark of the Encounter experience. We ensure that each student has the right information and opportunities to study subjects and courses, which can include brokering in outside educational organisations, to offer a curriculum that parallels their interests, skills and talents.

Penny McKenzie
Head of Middle & Senior School

Enterprise Skills

Encounter’s Enterprise Skills are based around transferable skills that are required in many jobs. They include:


Please download the 2018 Senior School Curriculum Guide to view the subjects we offer in Years 10,11, and 12.