The Arts

Creative expression is an important aspect of life at Encounter and our Arts program, from Visual Art classes beginning from Reception to performing in the Middle & Senior Musical, is central to ensuring that students are exposed to opportunities and experiences that enable them to view and sense their world in new ways.

Instrumental Tuition

Instrumental tuition is available for families who wish to further pursue a musical direction for their children.

Our vocal and instrumental ensembles also provide scope for students to extend themselves as they prepare for school and public performances.

Junior Performing Arts

A Junior School Musical is held biennially, involving every year level and performed on site in our College Gym (Kondole).  In the alternate year, students from R – Year 7 have the opportunity to participate in Wakakirri, a National Dance Story Arts Festival,  with a focus on creative movement, music, sustainability and teamwork. Our Wakakirri team performs at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre alongside students from primary schools across South Australia.

Middle & Senior School Performing Arts

Dance is offered from Year 10 as an Elective Subject which has a practical focus and provides students with an opportunity to study a range of contemporary dance techniques and styles.

Students can be invited to audition from this Elective Subject to join our Elite Dance Program.

In 2017 Encounter performed its inaugural Middle & Senior Musical “Back to the 80s” which played to packed audiences at the Victor Harbor Town Hall. Its success has paved the way for the future of Musicals at the College.