At Encounter’s May Board meeting it was unanimously agreed that, from 2022, Encounter will enrol an additional 16 students at Year 7 each year. While this represents quite marginal growth compared to what we have experienced in the past decade, it will provide significant opportunities for Encounter’s future.  

The first welcome change will see a third home class created in Year 7, meaning that maximum class sizes will drop from 28 to 24 students. This will allow subjects to be more effectively taught in their learning environments and for students to receive more support from our staff. Over time, our strategic yet measured growth will enable us to bolster our staffing in key leadership areas so we can target improved learning and wellbeing outcomes for students. It is also our intention that this growth will allow for more elective subjects to be offered in Year 9-10, with additional SACE subjects to create even greater access to the curriculum and more opportunities for the future pathways of our students.  

This decision and our planned growth is not the first step of many towards growing a College campus that becomes too big and disconnected with its students and their families. Although there is a strong argument for even greater growth from Year 7 or even from Foundation, we are committed to upholding all the qualities that make Encounter the welcoming, family-friendly community it is right now.  

This remains our greatest asset and our greatest priority. Specific details will be shared in the months ahead about our building plans and the enhanced learning experiences that will benefit our students, commencing in 2022. As we continue to seek avenues through which to make Encounter an even more sustainable, thriving and dynamic learning community, we are constantly grateful for the ongoing advocacy and your partnership in life and learning of our parent community.