High School Musical


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Performance run time: 1 hour, minute minutes


  • Adults: $20
  • Concession: $15 (includes all school-aged children, pensioners and concession holders)
  • Pre-school aged children: No charge if they are able to sit on your lap throughout the duration of the performance (no seat allocation)

The Story

It’s the first day after winter break at East High. The Jocks, Brainiacs, Thespians and Skater Dudes find their cliques, recount their vacations and look forward to the new year.

Basketball team captain and resident jock, Troy, discovers that the brainy Gabriella, a girl he met singing karaoke on his ski trip, has just enrolled at East High. They cause an upheaval when they decide to audition for the high school musical, led by Ms Darbus.

Although many students resent the threat posed to the “status quo,” Troy and Gabriella’s alliance might just open the door for others to shine as well.

The Songs



  • Wildcat Cheer
  • Start of Something New
  • Get’cha Head in the Game


  • Auditions
  • What I’ve Been Looking For
  • What I’ve Been Looking For (Reprise)


  • Stick to the Status Quo
  • Counting On You
  • When There Was Me and You


  • We’re All In This Together


  • Bop to the Top
  • Breaking Free
  • We’re All In This Together (Reprise)

Staff Team

PRODUCER – Carolyn Hart

DIRECTOR – Liz Bentley



CHOREOGRAPHER – Hayley Kerrisk

VOCAL COACH – Ali Dunbar

SET CONSTRUCTION & DESIGN – Adam Pfeiffer and Jo Eastaff

AUDIO VISUALS – Brenton Rowland and Roxy’s Music

The Cast


Troy Bolton
Jack Van Rhoda

Chad Danforth
Trent Leach

Zeke Baylor
Caleb Hood

Jade Manuel

Coach Bolton
Tayla Biscoe

Jackie Scott
Emma Doon

Other Basketball Players
Macauley Grivell
Oliver Riggs
Amelie Grivell
Isobel Reid
Ethan Hastings

Head Cheerleader
Chloe Rosser

Other Cheerleaders
Alice Riggs
Eve Shannon
Jasmine Hutchinson
Jasmine Walter
Leila Harrington
Zoe Baker


Sharpay Evans
Cleo Parry

Ryan Evans
Joel Pathuis

Kelsi Nielsen
Jemma Green

Ms Darbus
Valentina Plisko

Jasmine Hutchinson

Isla Palmer

Alice Riggs

Hayley Clapp


Gabriella Montez
Clare Wright

Taylor McKessie
Jessica Jones

Martha Cox
Alexis Bruce

Other Brainiacs
Amity Edmonds
Polly Nelson
Zara McCreanor


Abi Andrews
Liliana Ferraro
Isobel Reid
Frankie Turner


Alice Riggs
Amelie Humphris
Casey Doidge
Eve Shannon
Frankie Turner
Hayley Clapp
Isla Palmer
Isobel Reid
Jasmine Hutchinson
Jasmine Walter
Lila Scanlon
Wren Dunmall
Zoe Baker

Backstage Crew

Angus Bruce
Anna Keiper-Bament
Ebony Graetz
Ellie Pitt
Eve McLachlan
Fen Donaldson
Jacob Lush
Kayla Doidge
Rai Donaldson
Zac Pathuis


The One Act version of High School Musical appears on the surface to be a fairly simple show: it’s lots of fun, the songs are catchy and there is not a lot of character development or in-depth dialogue wedged in-between vibrant musical numbers.

If we look a little deeper, however, we can see that this is a story with more depth than is perhaps first evident, and in which there are many significant moments that we can still highlight.

For me, the key line of the show is spoken by Ms Darbus, the Drama teacher, when she says to Troy, “Anything’s possible [in the theatre], Troy. You can be whoever you want to be. There’s not a star in heaven you can’t reach, but you have to allow yourself to risk.” Darbus is always encouraging the students to step outside of their comfort zones and to embrace risk, and it is through this encouragement that Troy takes the first steps towards expressing his true identity as both a basketballer AND a singer, and following the path he wants to take in life.

The show also speaks to those things we keep hidden from others – our secret loves and desires – because we are too afraid to show or share. Perhaps these secrets challenge the way others perceive us; perhaps we just don’t hae the courage to express them. It is through risking and through verbalising our hidden desires, that we step outside of the rigid boundaries that society has built for us.

The show is also about parenting. Coach Bolton finally realises that she has been more interested in her legacy and living her own desires through Troy, than on giving him the independence to find his own path.


Lead Characters

TROY BOLTON | Jack Van Rhoda

Hi, I’m Jack Van Rhoda and I am playing Troy Bolton in our production of High School Musical On Stage! Troy Bolton is the most popular kid at East High, he is the star of the basketball team who yearns to be more than what people want him to be. Troy discovers his love for music but refuses to admit it. Athletic, attractive, and a true leader. He becomes smitten with Gabriella. For me, being involved in the musical means having fun, and engaging myself in an amazing group of people.


Hi, I’m Trent and I am playing Chad Danforth in Encounter’s production of High School Musical On Stage! Chad is Troy’s best friend. A star basketball player, part of the jocks, and second in command. Extremely focused on winning his school’s basketball championship, but is slowly understanding that there might be more to this world, including his sparring crush on Taylor.

ZEKE BAYLOR | Caleb Hood

Hi, I’m Caleb and I’m playing Zeke Baylor in Encounter’s production of High School Musical On Stage! Zeke is a basketball player on the Wildcats team. Energetic and charismatic, he has two secrets: a crush on Sharpay and a love for baking, which he is happy and relieved to eventually reveal. For me, being involved in the musical means that I get to do a new experience and have lots of fun with my friends.

COACH BOLTON | Taylor Biscoe

Hi, I’m Taylor and I’m playing Coach Bolton in Encounter’s production of High School Musical On Stage. Coach Bolton is the stern basketball coach and Troy’s sometimes overbearing dad, lost the big game years ago and wants a second chance through his basketball-star son.


Hi, I’m Emma and I am playing Jackie Scott in Encounter’s production of High School Musical On Stage! Jackie Scott is the coolest chick going around for sure. She is the PA announcer for East High and she loves her skateboard. For me, being involved in the musical means being a part of a second family. Being able to sing, dance and laugh with my best friends is the best part about being in the musical (and the applause at the end is pretty cool too).


Hi, I’m Cleo and I’m playing Sharpay Evans in Encounter’s upcoming production of High School Musical On Stage! Sharpay is the egocentric diva star of the school musicals, she is Ryan’s older twin and the alpha dog. She thinks being the musical star defines her and clutches the title like her life depends on it, no matter what the cost to others.

RYAN EVANS | Joel Pathuis

Hi, I’m Joel and I am playing Ryan Evans in our production of High School Musical On Stage! Ryan is Sharpay’s fraternal twin and a self-delusional ‘star in the making.’ He typically feels the brunt of Sharpay’s attacks and lives under her shadow. Although he possesses a diva exterior, he yearns to change. For me, being involved in the musical is something I can challenge myself with and something that I can learn from. Musicals are always lots of fun and the adrenaline I feel being on stage is electrifying.


Hi, I’m Jemma and I am playing Kelsi Nielsen in Encounter’s production of High School Musical On Stage! Kelsi is the drama club’s rehearsal pianist and student composer extraordinaire who is having her musical produced at school. Underneath her shy demeanor, Kelsi is an outspoken firecracker. For me, being involved in the musical is a great way to build new friendships, and to push yourself outside of your comfort zone by learning new skills.

MS DARBUS | Valentina Plisko

Hi, I’m Valentina and I am playing Ms Darbus in our production of High School Musical On Stage! Ms Darbus is the wacky, eccentric Drama teacher. She has her self-absorbed moments but is still devoted to her students and constantly encourages them. She is very Passionate about the art of theatre. For me, being involved in the musical means connecting with students and teachers of all ages and talents to create a wonderful production. It is a unique experience that allows each individual to grow and thrive in the theatre.


Hi, I’m Clare and I am playing Gabriella Montez in our production of High School Musical On Stage! Gabriella Montez is the new girl in school. She is trying to blend in and avoid ‘labels’ at her new school. Eventually, she becomes Troy’s romantic counterpart. She is pretty, shy, and smart. For me, being involved in the musical means getting to know more people across year levels while having fun being creative and learning new things. Encounter’s musicals are always so much fun to be a part of.


Hi, I’m Jessica and I am playing Taylor McKessie in Encounter’s production of High School Musical On Stage! Taylor Mckessie is the head Brainiac and President of the Science club; Taylor is close friends with Gabriella and convinces her to join the Science Decathlon team. Taylor also has a secret soft spot for Chad which she tries to hide. For me, being involved in the musical means being able to meet and work with new people, the musicals at Encounter are always such a great experience to get out of your comfort zone, create long-lasting friendships and be a part of an amazing production.

MARTHA COX | Alexis Bruce

Hi, I’m Alexis (Lexie) and I am playing Martha Cox in our production of High School Musical On Stage! Martha is a brainiac and has a secret passion for hip hop. For me, being involved in the musical means that I can spend time doing what I love which is singing and performing to entertain my audience!

‘We’re all in this together!’

Seven members from the cast of Encounter’s production of High School Musical recently visited Central Australia week as part of the College’s 2023 Ntaria Tour, but that didn’t stop them from rehearsing in some of Australia’s most beautiful and recognised locations!


Encounter Lutheran College Middle & Senior School’s Production of:

Book by
David Simpatico

Original Songs by
Matthew Gerrard and Robbie Nevil; Ray Cham,
Greg Cham and Andrew Seeley;
Randy Petersen and Kevin Quinn; Andy Dodd and Adam Watts;
Bryan Louiselle;
David N. Lawrence and Faye Greenberg; Jamie Houston

Music Adapted, Arranged and Produced by
Bryan Louiselle

Based on a Disney Channel Original Movie Written by
Peter Barsocchini

Licensed exclusively by Music Theatre International (Australasia).
All performance materials supplied by Hal Leonard Australia

Three performances only at the Victor Harbor Town Hall:

Tickets are also available online at: www.trybooking.com/CHXIT
Performance run time: 1 hour, minute minutes