School Sport SA are offering a Virtual Cross Country event where serious running competitors have the opportunity to complete the longer distance cross country course as outlined by SSSA. Mr Wegener and Mrs Grenfell will host the event on Tuesday 2nd June at 8.45am for students from Year 4-12 who are currently in training. Students need to complete the distances based on their age group and the times will be recorded and sent into SSSA. Nomination forms will be available to the students this week. A reminder that unfortunately parents are unable to attend these events due to our current COVID-19 restrictions.

Alternatively students may run their own virtual cross country course out of school hours between the competition dates of June 1-8. Parents are encouraged to photograph evidence of the run and send through an entry to SSSA based on the rules outlined. Please see the information below for links to upload the distance covered for their age group and the time achieved. It is open for all students from 5 to 18 years. We would love to hear about your running experiences.

School Sport SA Virtual Cross Country Information