Sports Day

Sports Day 2023

Sports Day 2023 is being held on Friday 10th March at Encounter Lutheran College. Students are to arrive at the College from 8.20am in readiness for the official opening at 8.40am. Students that have signed up for the 1500m are asked to be at the bottom oval ready for a 7.45am start.

In order to accommodate more track and field events this year, we have introduced a Pre-Sports Day program for Years 7-12. Students will sign up for these events as normal during Home Class. These will be conducted on Wednesday 8th March.


Junior School
All Junior School students should go straight to their classroom at 8.20am. Attendance will be taken at their classroom, and their teacher will then walk the students to their House tents on the bottom oval for the official opening at 8.40am.

Middle and Senior School (Year 7 – Open)
Middle/Senior School students are asked to arrive and go straight to their House tent on the bottom oval where they will sign in with one of the House teachers. Students need to remain in their House tent until the official opening. All student bags are to be stored in House tents. Lockers will be closed for the day.

Sports Day Map

Events Timetable

Year 4 – Open

Foundation – Year 3

Pre Sports Day Events: Wednesday 8th March


Sports Day Records



  • 2023 – Yilki
  • 2022 – Yilki
  • 2021 – Rosetta
  • 2020 – Rosetta
  • 2019 – Rosetta
  • 2018 – Rosetta
  • 2017 – Rosetta
  • 2016 – Yilki
  • 2015 – Rosetta
  • 2014 – Yilki
  • 2013 – Coorong
  • 2012 – Granite
  • 2011 – Granite
  • 2010 – Granite
  • 2009 – Granite
  • 2008 – Rosetta
  • 2007 – Granite
  • 2006 – Coorong
  • 2005 – Rosetta
  • 2004 – Rosetta
  • 2003 – Yilki
  • 2002 – Coorong
  • 2001 – Granite


Foundation to Year 3

  • 1st = 8 points
  • 2nd = 6 points
  • 3rd = 4 points
  • 4th = 2 points

Year 4 to Open

  • 1st = 8 points
  • 2nd = 7 points
  • 3rd = 6 points
  • 4th = 5 points
  • 5th = 4 points
  • 6th = 3 points
  • 7th = 2 points
  • 8th = 1 point

Transport & Collection Times

Please note that there will be NO DECDs connecting buses operating on this day due to due to VHPS & VHHS having a Student Free Day (this includes the Hindmarsh Valley, Inman Valley, Waitpinga buses). Please note, you will need to make alternative arrangements if your child travels on the DECDs buses. We apologise for the short notice and subsequent inconvenience; however, we have only just been made aware of this situation. All Link SA buses will run as per normal, with students being dropped off and picked up from Encounter Lutheran College, but there will be no connecting buses. Link SA bus students will be dismissed by 2.55pm from the bottom oval.

Sports Day is usually a very tiring day for our Foundation students. Therefore, lunch will be from 12.00pm and they may be collected from 12.30pm, from their classroom. For parents unable to collect their children earlier, quiet activities will be set up in the classrooms for students to go on with.

Junior & Middle/Senior School
Students will be dismissed from the bottom oval by 3.05pm and may be collected as per a normal school day.

Before and after school OSHC will run as normal. Students attending OSHC in the morning will be walked to the classrooms by OSHC staff so they can have their morning attendance recorded.

Recess and Lunch

Students are to either bring or purchase their own recess, lunch, College hat and plenty of water for the day. The Foundation to Year 3 Sports Day Program has scheduled breaks. Older year levels will have time throughout the morning for recess.  Please refer to the program.

There will be a range of food available for purchase on the day, including:

  • Parents & Friends – sausages, soft drinks, juice boxes and baked goods.
  • Meal Hub – little pizzas, ham and cheese croissants, sushi, and drinks
  • Year 12 Food & Hospitality class – Brekky burgers and Bircher muesli cups.
  • Brew Box – coffee van

Junior School Junior School students will have the opportunity to pre-order before the day. Orders can be placed online with pre-orders closing at 9.00am on Monday  6th March. To place your order, go to:

Middle/Senior School students will be able to purchase sausages from the BBQ area on the day during break times.

Junior School Parent Volunteers

This year we are once again able to seek parent volunteers (who have completed their Volunteer Orientation) to assist where they can in the Year F-6 groups. For each of the timetabled events, these marshals will assist with measuring, raking, collecting projectiles and supporting teachers so the program runs to the allocated times.

We are specifically asking for parents to support these groups (with teachers) from 9.00am – 2.00pm.   If you would like help, please identify which group you would like to assist on the day by placing your name on the form link below by Monday 6th March.

Click Here to sign-up as Parent Volunteer

Thank you for your help and support.


Car Parking

Parents and students will be able to park in the front and rear College car parks. Please leave the Adelaide Road carpark free for staff.


Please feel free to bring seating or picnic blankets.

Dogs on College Grounds

Dogs are an important part of life for many Encounter families and as such, are often included in day-to-day activities such as walking children to and from school. While the College appreciates this inclusion and values pet ownership as an educational experience, it also acknowledges other families (and individuals) can find contact with dogs stressful, even frightening. Dogs can behave unpredictably when placed in excited and/or crowded environments, sometimes leading to dog fights. Children too, behave unpredictably when excited, and this can lead to accidents such as falls and even dog bites. For these reasons and for the safety of our students, we would like to remind and inform parents that dogs are not allowed within the College grounds and ovals without prior approval. This includes the immediate vicinity of the school crossing and pick up zones. Thank you for your co-operation.

Sports Day 2023 is being held on Friday 10th March at Encounter Lutheran College. Students are to arrive at the College from 8.20am in readiness for the official opening at 8.40am. Students that have signed up for the 1500m are asked to be at the bottom oval ready for a 7.45am start.