This year has seen the successful introduction of a CREST Student Leadership Forum, CREST Soapbox (aimed at encouraging students to formulate their opinions and confidently express them), and CREST Earth
comprising of students from year six to year 12 who are passionate and determined to make our College (and world) more environmentally friendly and sustainable.
This week our CREST Earth students were interested to receive a visit from Joanne McPhee, Education Officer from Fleurieu Regional Waste Authority.  Joanne shared with the students a presentation about where our
local waste goes. To say our students were shocked at the amount of landfill waste we generate is an

As a result of Joanne’s visit, in the coming weeks Encounter students will undertake an audit of our school waste management program and work together with Joanne to implement ecofriendly and sustainable ways for our College to make a difference.  The students were even keen to look at educating parents on eco-friendly waste management in their homes.