Hi, I’m Harrison Sires and I am the new addition to the Marketing Team at Encounter Lutheran College in 2021.

I graduated Flinders University at the end of 2019 with a Bachelors in Business Marketing. In 2020, I worked at a School in Murray Bridge and managed some freelance work before being fortunate enough to start at Encounter. I have previously lived in Leigh Creek and more recently Somerton Park before moving down to the Fleurieu Penninsula. I am passionate about basketball whether it’s playing, coaching or following and I have loved seeing the positive basketball culture here at the College. Additionally, riding motorbikes, the Crows and travel are all interests of mine. I am extremely excited to be involved with so many College events throughout the year and Term 1 has been a fantastic start with Sports Day, Night on the Green and Formal showing me the strong community spirit that the College holds. If you have any questions or potential marketing opportunities, I am always happy to take a look. You can email me at harrison.sires@encounter.sa.edu.au.

Thank You for your support during Term 1 and I am really excited for what is to come