Ten acres on Block 69 have been fenced off and over the past few days students have commenced planting 2,000 trees, shrubs and sedge grasses in this area. The purpose of the project is to create habitat and food supply for the highly threatened Yellowish Sedge-skipper Butterfly, which is endemic to this area.

On Thursday. June 17, invited guests visited the plantation site and were joined by students, where Ramindjeri man Cedric Varcoe conducted ‘Welcome to Country’ and a ‘Smoking Ceremony’. Mr. Varcoe said of the special occasion “It makes us proud the school is doing this. It is preserving our land and awakening our spirit”.

Year 6 student Stella said the project was “meaningful and important for the environment”.

Year 6 student Alicia said she learned more about butterflies being involved in the project. “I even saw one in a cocoon. The project is very educational and it is a privilege to be part of the school that is so conscious of the environment.


This project was supported by the Hills and Fleurieu Landscape Board’s Grassroots Grants Program, and funded by the landscape levy.