Encounter Lutheran College has embarked on the construction of two major projects, which will bring to fruition our current masterplan. Since 2012, Encounter has invested $25m in capital works as our College has evolved from a primary school to an established and thriving Early Learning to Year 12 campus.

Our current $8m building program with two major projects currently under construction will continue to transform how we support our learners at Encounter.

Stage 12, which includes a brand new purpose-built Early Learning Centre will double our current capacity, catering for fifty-five 3½ and 4 year olds as they prepare for their longer-term education at Encounter. With its own bespoke nature playground, along with modern and secure facilities, we look forward to opening this centre around Easter next year.

Stage 11, comprising of a new Middle School Learning Centre, also currently under construction, will be ready to launch in January, eagerly awaiting our current Year 6 students, along with all those learners in Years 7-9. From 2024 onwards, this space will also serve as a transition space from Junior to Middle School, meaning our current Year 5 students will be enjoying this space in less than twelve months.

Within this Centre there will be a dedicated hospitality space, science laboratory, visual arts studio and a digital technologies classroom. The design of the entire Centre will mean teachers and students will have the flexibility to learn in discreet spaces, or flow from one area to another. Given this entire Centre is taking shape in Block 69, the ability for learning to readily extend outdoors is also an exciting prospect. Furthermore, once there is more infrastructure in this area, we hope to make this Centre an invitational, community space, where many people can access and benefit from this innovative learning hub.

A new exit point to the College will be installed via a new roadway through Block 69 at the rear of the College alongside our new oval, to the visitor information bay on Adelaide Road near the Urimbirra roundabout.

In addition to this exciting news, two demountable buildings will be constructed at Encounter in the coming months. A double classroom will be positioned between the covered courts and the current Dance shed, with Out of Schools Hours Care provider, YMCA, finally having a dedicated home to base themselves.

A triple demountable learning space will find its home parallel to the current Middle & Senior School Music space. It will be retro-fitted to accommodate Year 7-12 Dance and Drama and will form another ‘bookend’ to the newly completed Year 7-8 classes. This will allow us to add extra lawn to the surrounding area, providing an extended and relatively sheltered area for Middle School students to relax in during play times.

Although ongoing change has become an inevitable norm at Encounter, it is important to stop, give thanks and remember the journey as we reach new milestones along the path. I am grateful to have watched Encounter grow from a unique vantage point and I’m sure you share my excitement as we prepare for further exciting changes between now and early 2024.